Summer’s Here, Can You Smell The Reruns?

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I’ve been stricken by writer’s block this summer. And who cares? People tune in to their TVs to watch a bunch of re-hashed crap every summer, right? If it’s good enough for major multi-million-dollar TV networks, it’s good enough for me. Here’s what you may have missed on the Jeffrey Morgenthaler Network last season:

Remember when guest star Jared from Subway was on the show? It seems so long ago, doesn’t it? Read it again, for the first time.

If you haven’t already, be sure to glance through my Top Ten Favorite Drinks Of All Time and post your ten favorite drinks in the comments. Interactive re-hashed crap!

Then there was the farewell-to-the-spinoff episode when D.C. Drinks went off the air. Didn’t you cry? I totally did.

I may have not gotten to travel to Tales of the Cocktail last month, but I’ll bet you a million bucks that I got to see more gratuitous sex during sweeps week than my colleagues did.

Last season was rife with special guest stars! Sure, we didn’t have a lot of A-list stars on set, but Ralph Macchio was here, at least in spirit, right?

Then things got dirty that one time. Ew.

Also, if you didn’t know it, Oregon rocks.

Then, that national monument closed and nobody stood up and took notice. Thanks, Superbowl.

And finally, do you remember that time Jeff gave that high school senior some really awful career advice? Wasn’t that hysterical?

Ahhh, that was the best five minutes ever. So, drink bloggers, where are your almost-the-end-of-summer recaps?

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