My New Favorite Citrus Peeler

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I love being pleasantly surprised by bar-related knowledge, and this is the most recent surprise I learned while doing a staff training last week here in Portland. Head bartender Jared Miller shocked me by telling me that he cuts his citrus peels with one of the cheese slicers they use at the wine bar he works in. So I tried it, and lo and behold it’s possibly easier, and definitely safer, than using my longtime favorite, the OXO Y-Peeler. (I’ve lost every fingertip and part of one nail-bed to that peeler, I’m sure you’ve done the same.

It’s a very inexpensive $10, so if after you watch the video below you want to pick one up for yourself and try it, you can do that here.

12 Replies to “My New Favorite Citrus Peeler”

  • David Selle says:

    I quite like the german-made Westmark “Famos” vegetable peeler for citrus. I’ve not cut myself once! I tried and liked the cheese slicer but alas somehow managed to take a chunk out of the the side of my index finger. You can find one on amazon here:

  • Shane Rojas says:

    I swore off of twists as garnishes at home one year ago after sliding a fat chunk of my finger tip off. Excited to give this a try and rid myself of that anxiety 😅😅😅

  • Ralph M. Rollo says:

    Maybe this will help. Of all the parts of my cocktail game (just a home guy), garnishes and peeling citrus are the worst. Of course there are a lot of others but you only have to make 2 good drinks… Going to see if I can find one of these and give it a go tonight. Maybe, just maybe there is one thing that can make me look a little less than Derp A Derp does drinks….

  • Andrei K says:

    Is there any chance it has something to do with Whiskey Vault’s Brianna preparing a couple of cocktails off ticktock about 2 days before this post? Because her technique did get me concerned…

  • Patressa Kearns says:

    Cool to know! I just ordered one online. I can always use a good cheese plane, too. Looks like this one does double duty.

    I also own the OXO peeler, and like it. But it’s hard for me to use, too. I have tried several Y peelers through the years and finally purchased a 6-1/4-inch Kuhn Rikon Serrated Piranha “Y” Peeler that I adore! It, too, is around 10 bucks. It has a longer handle than the OXO and moves through peel much more easily.

    Thanks for all you do, Mr. Morgenthaler. You’re a bright light, to bartenders and hospitality!

  • Dazey Roxx says:

    Never thought I’d be excited about a cheese slicer not being used to slice cheese

  • TimHealy says:

    They make Indispensable tools for the cheese industry, you can generally find their tools and knifes, wires and graters at most cheese shops and Grocerys like Whole Foods

  • Armand says:

    RIP Boska’s inbox

  • Mirko says:

    I will buy it right now!! Thanks!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾

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