My Trip To Manhattan, Part 1

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Thanks to the efforts of the good folks at Dewar’s scotch, I flew out this morning to New York City for Repeal Day.

After a few late take-offs and missed flights, I finally arrived in Manhattan in time to check in to my hotel and scrub my travel-weary face before heading out on the town for a short visit.

Sometimes the stars align and you get to meet a bunch of Oregon bartenders in New York, which is exactly what happened tonight. I had dinner with Hillary Sites, Albert Halfl and Aaron Hopps, all current and former Eugene bartenders:


After dinner, I convinced Hillary and her boyfriend John (another former Eugenian) to join me at Audrey Saunders’ Pegu Club for drinks.


I had their Pisco Punch (more about that previously and in the future), Hillary grabbed herself a perfectly-executed Pegu Club Cocktail, and John dipped into a Tantris Sidecar.


I promise I’ll write a more in-depth review of the drinks when I can, but for now, it’s late and I’ve got to get to bed in anticipation of Repeal Day.

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