Neighbors is Closing

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Whoa, what a shocker to find this in the paper today:

Gays Lose a Gathering Place, Performance Space

I used to go to Perry’s when I was in college, a lot of us did. When Neighbors opened, it just wasn’t the same. It’s in an old McDonald’s, which is just plain bad right off the bat. There were other issues with the place that I won’t even begin to go into here.

I worked there after the Vet’s Club closed, and before Marché called me and I moved up to the big leagues. I still have some friends that work and perform there. I feel for them.

Neighbors’ last night in town is this Saturday. I’m heading down there for a drink one of these nights after I get off work at Vaquero. Anyone want to join me? I’ll buy the first round of Jell-O shots.

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