Richmond Gimlet Tour of Eugene

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I got this in the old inbox last week:


Hello from an admirer of your Richmond Gimlet. Well, an admirer of them made elsewhere; I’ve never had one you made. A bartender at Luckey’s made one for me last year, and I liked it so much I had to Google it to find out where it came from.

I have a maybe-odd proposition for you. I work at the Eugene Weekly, and we have our Swizzle nightlife issue coming up in a few weeks. In the interest of doing something a little different, I was contemplating doing a story on you and your drink – by taking you to other bars which have picked up on it (I noticed you comment on those from time to time) and hearing what you have to say about their versions. You write like a funny person, and I hear you ARE a funny person, so it could be a fun story.

What do you think?


So we went out tonight with Scott Butler and taste-tested Richmond Gimlets all over town for her story. I had no idea that so many places served them. We started at Turtles, then proceeded to Luckey’s, then to Cafe Soriah and finally finished up at Marche. I’ve even heard that you can get them at the Indigo District and the Ring of Fire/Lucky Noodle. Sweet!


That’s Scott sitting at Turtles. Kate, the owner, personally made our drinks, and she did a good job, I think.

So anyway, they’re coming to take my picture next week for the issue. I guess I’ll wear something pretty.

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