Not the Kind of Motorcycle News You Want to Hear

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Since August, Cameron Bogue of has been on a year-long motorcycle quest from Vancouver, B.C. to the southern tip of Argentina. He and three friends have been stopping at microdistilleries, sampling the wares, and creating new cocktails inspired by the local ingredients.

I’ve been following their progress closely and I’ve been talking him up to everyone I know, until this weekend when the following email from Cameron left me speechless:

Hey Jeff

I had a great time in the Tequila region, unfortunately not so great in Sayulita.

I am typing with my pinky finger on my left hand because in Mexico driving a motorcycle is crazy. I got rear-ended by a truck going over 100 kM/h. I spent the last 5 days in the Puerto Vallarta hospital. I dislocated and broke my arm, 2 ribs, and a foot. Went into surgery twice with over 40 stitches holding my legs together, all-in-all pretty fucking lucky.

I just flew to Phoenix to rehab with the family and get some plates and screws put in my arm. Gonna blog about it soon with some photos.


I had the pleasure of hanging out with Cameron back in September and, while suitably jealous of his plans, I was taken aback by his knowledge, his enthusiasm, and his über-friendly nature. He’s an amazing guy with some pretty big dreams, so this must be pretty heartbreaking for him. I, for one, am just glad he’s alive.

Pay Cameron a visit at MotoTails, drop him a line, or leave him a comment below and let him know that we’re all thinking about him.

Get well soon, Cameron!

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  • Jake Fires says:

    Heyy Cameron i just read about what happened to you. that horrible that even truckers dont pay attention to the road. we need more people in the world that will send messages to people saying that motorcycles are everywhere. Now-a-days people dont pay any attention espically txting. well i am glad to hear that you are ok. I wish the best for your recovery. I hope you can get on a bike soon before the season is over

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