The “Fluicer” Hand Juicer

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Yesterday I bought a new hand juicer that someone shared with me, and I bought it because it was something I’d never seen before! (To be fair I do believe it was just released this year – someone let me know if this is incorrect)

It’s a hard plastic, flat hand juicer. That’s right, it looks like a pixelated drawing of a conventional clamshell-type citrus juicer, but it opens up in a sort of origami-like fashion. You then insert your half citrus in the opening, and as you squeeze the handles together it begins to fold back down to its flat shape, pressing the juice from the citrus.

So I took it upstairs to our rooftop bar, The Sunset Room, and shot a quick little video review of it. Check it out below, this thing is pretty cool!

Unanswered questions so far:

  1. How long is this thing going to last in a professional setting?
  2. Does it actually squeeze out more juice than a conventional clamshell juicer?
  3. How does it handle going through the dishwasher on a daily basis?

I’ll be sure to circle back on this post as I start to answer those questions for you! Watch the video below.

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