Movie Stars! Here! At My Little Bar!

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Our brush with famousness tonight had the whole kitchen in a tizzie. I should have gotten some photos, but I thought that would have been, well, sort of a lame thing to do. I don’t know, politicians are something else, as they are merely giant killer robots, but actors are just regular people. Not giant killer robots.

Mary Stuart Masterson (sigh…), Chris O’Donnell, Erika Christensen, Maria Bello, Eric McCormack, and Rip Torn (yes, that’s right, Rip Torn, I was absolutely beside myself – he made fun of my hair!) are in town right now shooting a movie on location here in Eugene, and I was their waiter tonight at Marche. Little old me! How’s about that?

Apparently it’s an adaptation of the Anton Chekhov play The Three Sisters, about four siblings who are left in a provincial backwater after the death of their army general father. Sounds like they might have found the right town to use as a backdrop for this one.

Anyway, they were all completely fabulous folks, but I felt badly for them, as some of the staff fawned heavily. I guess that being from California myself, I’m a little sensitive to the level of hayseededness that one tends to find in even the most populated areas of Oregon. Oh, well.

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