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One More Form Submission…

Okay, just one more, I promise. I just can’t believe there are people out there reading this crap sometimes! It’s great! Dear Jeff Since you enjoyed being contacted by the Tiki Bar guy (because you like tiki stuff) perhaps you might also enjoy being contacted by an ex-Apple guy (because you seem to like Macs). | Read More

Ask Your Bartender: Murphy

Gee, look, it’s six in the morning and I can’t sleep a wink. I’ve gotten some interesting emails through the site lately and I thought I’d share one of them. By the way, I love getting email through here, so keep ’em coming. Hey Nartender I am a bartender in Wildwood, NJ. Someone asked me | Read More

What Your Drink Says About You

One of my favorite blogs, Waiter Rant, has a cute little list of drinks and what they say about you. I agree with a lot of these (“Chardonnay – You know what you like. Boring. Predictable. The Missionary Position of White Wine.”) but I think a few are way off track (“Vodka Martini – Sophisticated. | Read More

Of Grape and Groan

Dear Wine Distributors and Wine Shops Okay, here’s the deal. Your company names are atrocious. I can’t take you seriously any longer! I’m sorry. The Tannin Booth just isn’t going to cut it. No way. Same goes for you, Grape Expectations. You’ve lowered yourselves to the level of mall haircut places, like Shear Delight or | Read More

I’m Quoted!

I was quoted in a Register-Guard article yesterday about Garth Marriott’s Coolest Shop. Read the story, my blurb is near the end on the last page. You can find it here.

El Vaquero

El Vaquero opened today to the public after months and months of work and planning. I have some construction photos I took with my cell phone that I’ll try to put up. We’re located in the Fifth Street Market, where Bamboo used to be, and we’re serving tapas and steaks. The food is amazing. The | Read More

Forty Thousand

I just checked my web counter tonight (something I tend to do when I get home from work) and the count is at 39,995 – since February 4, 2004! That means that today – actually, in a few minutes – I’ll hit 40,000 visitors. Thanks, suckers!

Back to Basics

Eugene bars cater to classic tastes. By Vanessa Salvia (reprinted without permission) I don’t drink much. Between being a student and a parent, I can’t bring home the bacon or fry it up in a pan if I’m soused half the week. But when my editor told me to taste and write about popular cocktails, | Read More

John Kerry to Servers: ‘I’ll have the tuna.’

Marche restaurant was rocked by celebrity once again, as Democratic hopeful (let’s face the facts, we’re all pretty hopeful at this point) John Kerry and his enormous entourage of Secret Service agents, aides de camp, press corps peeps, and well-wishers descended upon Marche tonight. And I have the photos right here! I know that the | Read More

Goodbye, John Davis

There’s been a lot of loss around me lately. My dog moved away, my ex’s mom was diagnosed with cancer, my college department head died of Alzheimer’s, and now this. Of all the people… John Davis was the guy that you always had something good to say about when he was alive. Now that he’s | Read More

Movie Stars! Here! At My Little Bar!

Our brush with famousness tonight had the whole kitchen in a tizzie. I should have gotten some photos, but I thought that would have been, well, sort of a lame thing to do. I don’t know, politicians are something else, as they are merely giant killer robots, but actors are just regular people. Not giant | Read More