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Repeal Day is Here at Last!

Whew, it’s been a long month! Are you guys ready for Repeal Day? I’m certainly ready to celebrate after all of the recent hard work. We’ll be out toasting the town and educating the masses tonight, so I’ll be sure to take the camera along and post pictures upon my hazy return home. Thanks again | Read More

Repeal Day Merchandise

Okay, so I’ve been pressured into offering this stuff (well, there’s only one shirt for now – CafePress kinda sucks) so I’m doing it. I don’t even know if you’ll be able to get this shirt before Repeal Day, but it’s worth a shot. I just bought myself a navy blue one. I like the | Read More

Amazing Blender Test Videos!

I spend a lot of time hunched over a VitaMix blender, so I feel like I know my blenders. And the BlendTec (for real) Total Blender looks like one hell of a blender. Now, you may not ever have the opportunity to blend a wallet full of stolen credit cards or a stolen tilapia, but | Read More

Repeal Day Information from Dewar’s Scotch

Every once in a while I’ll get a letter from someone in the business, and I just can’t help but share it with you all. Today I received this in the mail from the good people at Dewar’s Scotch: Hello Jeff, I can see you are ready to toast Repeal Day! As you know, December | Read More

One More Week Until Repeal Day!

Well, thanks to all of you, Repeal Day is quickly on its way to becoming a widely-celebrated day in this country. I appreciate all of your hard work spreading the word about this important day in American history. Did you know that beer was made legal eight months before wine and liquor? Budweiser may be | Read More

Gawker Loves Repeal Day

I’m honored to read that Gawker had a nice little blurb about Repeal Day today. They didn’t mention this site, but they did point to a fabulous article over at Chow about the new day of celebration. Thanks, Gawker and Chow! The Twenty-First Amendment and I are forever in your debt. Also, in honor of | Read More

Ask Your Bartender: Gin Blindness

Hey Bartender I was wondering if you know anything about the myth (or not) that if you drink too much gin, you could go blind? Thanks! Ashley Hey Ashley It’s – kinda – a myth. But not entirely. Let’s start at the very beginning. There are basically two types of alcohol: ethanol and methanol (ethyl | Read More

How Alcohol is Made

Here’s a great video showing how they make shitty low-grade alcohol in a giant factory. The methods may be suspect – making rum out of corn, for instance – but the general idea is the same in smaller batches. Watch the video and then try to forget about having seen tonight’s pork fed offal from | Read More

Repeal Day Videos!

Jill and Dale DeGroff over at the Museum of the American Cocktail are celebrating Repeal Day with us… Is December 5th marked on your calendars? No? Well it should be. It was on this day in 1933 that the 21st Amendment was ratified, thus ending Prohibition. …and they’ve found some great videos online. Hop on | Read More

Repeal Day Hits the Internet

Well, the response to Repeal Day hasn’t been this good since the first Repeal Day. I’ve talked to bartenders, bloggers, mixologists, and ordinary drink-minded people all over the country who are getting excited about celebrating December Fifth with me. Paul over at Drink This Blog is behind us all the way, and is spreading the | Read More

Repeal Day is December 5th

Those who know me well are aware that I’ve been going on about this for years, but for some reason I’ve only just now remembered that I have my own website and can carry on the effort here. Folks, there are a few drinking holidays here in the United States, but I’m here to tell you | Read More

We’re Number Two! We’re Number Two!

Okay, it doesn’t sound so great when you scream it like that, but… The Eugene Weekly’s Best of Eugene poll came out, and I’ve tied with my good friend Jeremy Shank for the second-best bartender in Eugene. You can read the full story here. Scroll down about halfway to see my little name in there. | Read More

Ask Your Bartender: Martini Advice

Hey Bartender As a novice bartender I find that martini etiquette can be quite confusing, perhaps because the traditional martini and the present-day fad are different. I understand not shaking clear martinis, and I also do not add vermouth to vodka. I suppose I would like to hear your take on what to shake, and | Read More

Wine Presentation Class

Art of the Drink (no relation to the previous post) has a great little class on how to present wine in a bar or restaurant setting. This is a great video to watch for service industry people and restaurant-goers alike, as he covers some key points – my favorite being this: it is not okay | Read More

Brilliant Take on the Vodka Martini

You all know how I feel about vodka martinis, if you’ve read this blog for any length of time. Well, Darcy over at The Art of Drink put it better than I ever could: People seem to fear the vermouth, when in reality vermouth is your friend. It is the vermouth that adds the flavour | Read More