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Six Holiday Cocktails That’ll Impress Your Guests

by Jason Rowan in Men’s Journal

Just a couple blocks away from Teardrop Lounge in Portland, Clyde Common is tucked into the Ace Hotel, home to flannel and beard sporting locavores who look like they’ve just come back from cutting their own Christmas tree year-round. Head barman and avid cocktail blogger Jeffrey Morgenthaler soothes the Portlandia set with his eminently balanced, seasonally inspired concoctions; his surprise ace in | Read More

The Gastronaut Files: Barrel Aged Cocktails

by Daniel Gritzer in Food and Wine Magazine

Aging cocktails in wood barrels can soften harsh edges and add layers of flavor. Plus, the results make a remarkable holiday gift. Here’s why to get started right now. I usually keep files on the shelf behind my desk. But recently I made room for a few cute little wooden casks filled with cocktails. It | Read More

The Manhattan Project

by Kevin Sintumuang in The Wall Street Journal

A guide to stirring, experimenting with and drinking up the leanest, meanest and jazziest of classic cocktails. Scottish Breakfast: The saltiness of the Scotch cuts perfectly through the perfume-y, dessert-sweet Sherry. A cask-strength Speyside Scotch like Glenfarclas 105 works best… From Jeffrey Morgenthaler of Clyde Common, Portland, Ore.